Canon PIXMA TS6420 All-in-One Printer – Wireless Setup and Driver Installation

Canon PIXMA TS6420 Setup

Canon PIXMA TS6420 Setup Guide

Canon PIXMA TS6420, a compact and sleek All-in-One printer build for your full of activity lifestyle. It’s simple to setup and simple to use – feature a 1.44″ OLED window which delivers clear, trouble-free to read status messages as well as Front & Rear Paper feeding so you can print on a diversity of paper types.

  • Are compact and sleek
  • Can copy and scan
  • Has wireless printing
  • Well-matched with your Android, Windows, and Apple devices.
  • With no trouble print square photos right from your Smartphone or social media.

How to Complete Setup the Canon PIXMA TS6420 Printer?

The setup process is attractive much alike to any other Canon printer or printers in universal. Move toward the setup progression one step at a time and proceed to the process with care.

  • Start with unboxing your Canon PIXMA TS6420 printer from the package.
  • Get rid of all the caring casings, cover, and tapes.
  • You will have Styrofoam over the scanning glass. Confirm to remove that.
  • Once there are no outside materials on the printer, you can continue to power up the printer.
  • From the package, you will find the power cords.
  • Use them to link the device to a power supply.
  • Ensure the power supply is dependable and safe to use.
  • Next you’ve connected the power cord to your printer and to the power socket, you can switch on the power supply.
  • Search for the power button on the top of right the printer. Once you’ve found it, press it till the device turns ON.

How to Install Set of Standard Ink Cartridges?

  • You can find Set of Standard Ink Cartridges along with the package.
  • Install the cartridges on the ink slot and confirm that you hear a clack sound.
  • Do not touch the nozzle of the cartridges. This will influence eh print quality.
  • Smoothly pull the tape before installing the cartridge.

Loading Paper

  • After you’ve installed the ink cartridges the correct way, you can begin loading the papers into the paper tray.
  • Open the tray and regulate the paper guide to the left.
  • Load the paper into your enter tray. Read just the paper guide to lock the papers.
  • Now open the device’s output slot towards you.

How to Complete the Canon PIXMA TS6420 Wireless Setup?

Pass on to the steps below to connect the Canon PIXMA TS6420 with a wireless.

  • You will have a wireless button on the outside of the printer.
  • Continue hold on to the wireless button for at least 4-5 seconds.
  • Your wireless light will start to flash. If not, try liability the steps again.
  • Next, search for the Wireless secluded setup button or the WPS button.
  • Once you find it, push the button awaiting the device enables the WPS mode.
  • In a substance of 2 minutes are so, you can see the devices combination with each other.
  • Your printer will pair to the wireless network as smooth as butter.

How to progress with the Canon PIXMA TS6420 Driver Download?

The driver download is a key step though setting up any printer. It is a must to download the newest version of the software to make sure error-free printing.

  • Open your browser using a computer or laptop.
  • Next, go to
  • Once you are on this website, you can see a setup icon where you can click the button
  • After that, enter printer’s model number.
  • Next step, you will be redirected to the next page where you can click on the DOWNLOAD button.
  • Once you click the download button, you can see the setup file downloading at the footer of your browser.
  • Now open the setup file and carry on with the commands on-screen to proceed with the installation process.

So, the process to set up Canon PIXMA TS6420 All-in-One Printer gets complete successfully by applying all these steps. Now the user can with no trouble print, fax, and scan their documents easily. But, if any user is jammed within the setup procedure or fails to whole the setup procedure, they all are suggested to ask for assist from the canon printer experts.

Canon PIXMA TS6420 All-in-One Printer – Wireless Setup and Driver Installation

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