ij.start.cannon Setup

Look into the given instruction for ij.start.canon inkjet printer, Hardware Setup, install printer driver software download.


Setup Your Canon Inkjet Printer:

  • At this moment, open the web browser in your device you can choose for any web browser.
  • Next, Put the Address bar on your browser. In other words, look at the very top of this window for a long text bar running crossways it. Then, type in “ij.start.canon” properly in this Address Bar. Then, press the “Enter” model on your printer.
  • While you click on it you are in use to a new window. Now you have to enter your model number. You can also type your model number physically or you can use the click choose option that is available in the lower panel on the same page.
  • Just the once you enter the model number and hit it off enter, the setup commands for your particular model will pop-up. Follow the steps prompted on your screen.

Ij.start.canon Hardware Setup

  • Start on the Printer setup procedure by cautiously taking out the ij.start.canon from the Packaging Box. Beside with that, make sure that you have detached all the packaging matter.
  • With the power wire, attach your printer device to the power provide and turn your printer on.
  • Once this procedure completes, it requires you to right of entry your Printer’s Control/ Display Panel. Currently, whole Setup of its Settings. In other words, choose Language; Country/ Region; Self-managed, etc.
  • The tutorial in the video at ij.start.cannon will direct you with the steps to load the cartridge and paper follow them cautiously.

Downloading the Driver By ij.start.canon

  • Once you have finished all the procedures essential for the hardware setup as prompted on ij.start.canon you have to download the driver software.
  • Formerly the same window that guided you about both the earlier steps, you will now have to choose the second step, i.e., “Downloading the Driver Software”. Click on this link.
  • Once you will hit it off on this link your file will start downloading. You can verify the progress of this download in the Footer bar on the browser window

Setup process your printer device

  • Following you have done the Hardware Setup and downloaded the printer driver software as per the commands are given in “ij.start.cannon”, opt for the next step i.e., setting up your machine part.
  • Begin with this process you initial have to ensure that your printer is turned on. For this, verify if the green light on your device is turned on.
  • Next twice-clicking on the downloaded software, the “User Control Wizard” will come into view on your screen. Click the “Run” button here to allow the software to run on your screen.
  • You currently have to go after a step by step setup direct for your setup guide. You now have to follow this guide the same way you followed the guide at ij.start.cannon.
  • A screen will be displayed on your computer asking you to choose between a USB or wireless connection, please choose “Wireless Connection”.
  • When the “link via wireless setup” screen appears you have to hold down the printer’s Wi-Fi button. Does this until the orange alarm lamp flashes 2 times, let go the button without delay after the second flash.
  • Verify that the Blue color Wi-Fi lamp flashes rapidly and Click the “Next” button. In this procedure, your network connection gets “immobilize” momentarily. Wait for some time to allow your printer device to connect.
  • Then window on your Device now prompts you to go into your geographical area. After choose, click “Next you have to choose your place of residence and then click on “Next”.
  • Next screen appearing is the “Software Installation List”. Here, you require choosing the software you wish to install. If you have any perplexity about which software you want to install at this stage, install all obtainable, you can always uninstall the one you don’t require. After selecting the software, click “Next
  • You are now taken to the “License Agreement Document”. Go during this document cautiously, later; click “Yes”, if you agree with all the terms.Ttherefore, an “Allow Install Wizard Process” window appears on your screen. once more, click the button.
  • The window that follows indicates the model of your printer and the name (or SSID) of your wireless network. Here hit it off “Complete”
  • Finally, now you will see that your Blue color lamp stops flashing and by this, your Setup is Complete for Windows User.

Mac users require to execute a few more steps.

  • After that window, prompts you to add your printer to attach it to your Mac device. hit it off on the “Add Printer” to carry on further.Next screen, you will see the accessible printer devices. From this list, choose the model number of your printer device. The same one that you entered in ij.start.cannon to start the complete process. Then, click the “Add” button.
  • To whole the process, now click “Next”. With this, the Mac wireless Setup completes.