Canon Printer Setup

Canon printers are known for their adaptability and the competence they prove at both the workplace and also for personal use. You can simply trust in the brands name to get the work done. Trusting in a brand may sound simple, but is a rough feat for a company to achieve. The product is put under a microscope and each measurement and feature of the product is examined thoroughly. Dissimilar people look for different uses, but the Canon printers prove to be an all-rounder pleasing the needs of a variety of customers. Read this blog to find out how to complete the Canon printer Setup and also how to install the printer. You require to know Canon Printer setup for Windows, MAC and Smartphone’s – Canon Printer Setup

  • Ensure you remove all the packaging resources and also the caring cases on the printer. Get rid of the Styrofoam and also the filler materials in the cartridges.
  • Once you have removed all the extra materials, carry on linking the printer to a dependable and steady power source. Use the power cord from the package to attach one end of the power cord to the device and the other end to the wall socket.
  • Next, power up your device. Continue with the installation of your ink cartridges. You have to open the lid on the printer to install the ink cartridges. Do not touch the nozzles of the cartridges; this will spoil the quality of the printing.
  • Make sure that you hear a click sound while installing the ink cartridges into the opening. Once you are done with this step, all that’s left to come to an end the first setup is the stacking up of paper. Ensure to load up the papers in your printer to make sure that your device is ready for the print.
canon printer setup

Choose Your Canon Printer Model


With great features packed into extremely compact bodies, PIXMA range of home and photo printers offer a high-quality printing key. It takes whole creative control of your images with the PIXMA .Powerful software of this exceptional inkjet printers range is designed for simplify yet dramatic, excellence prints. Its sleek, stylish and compact design really compliments its quality, speed and competence.

The Canon SELPHY is not only good-looking due to its smooth and dramatic design but it delivers amazing printing superiority to meet your needs of printing. Canon Selphy meets all your printing requirements. Dense, stylish and moveable printer with a diversity of print functions and instinctive User-interface guarantees for a fun-filled printing knowledge and outstanding Usability and Intelligent Digitization packed with functions.


The Canon Laser Printers create high-quality graphics and texts. Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing procedure that takes whole care of your images. Therefore built to meet results that you merit. Fast printer with luminous Design meant for New Age Business venture takes whole care of all your printing needs. Canon Laser Printer offers improved Security Solutions with Advanced Personalized Usability


The Canon MAXIFY takes whole imaginative control of your images. It is enthusiastic to Support you by giving high-quality photos and images. This is eventually built to meet your all printing requirements. Maximum Print Speed and Quality Performance of this robust design are sure to increase your business. Purposely built for heavy-duty usage, this dependable printer meets all your printing demands with personalized successful outputs.

Setting up your brand new Canon printer Setup by using page –

Now you must follow these steps to effectively install the device and to setup all the features of Canon printers via

  • Once your Canon printer package arrives, you must unpack the device, and put in the chosen position and follow the steps.
  • Before you start plugging cable into your system, make sure the source of power connection. Ensure to position the printer nearby the power socket for continues provider of electrical energy in order to avoid any interruptions throughout the work.
  • Take away the power wires from the box and connect the power cord to the Canon printer and to system.
  • Once you plug the printer from the power hole, shove the power button on the printer and turn it on.
  • Once the Canon Printer is on, put in the Ink cartridges to get the quality prints. grasp the cartridges by the sides and push it into matching slots.
  • Previously the ink cartridge is installed properly. Verify out of there is any packaging material, if yes then remove and load the papers into the paper tray of your Canon printer. You can get the details from official page.
  • Install the Canon printing software that comes along with the device to set up your printer.
  • Download the printer drivers.
  • Once the papers and software are downloaded, close the paper input tray and enjoy the printing works.