/ijsetup - Identify your Canon printer models (Pixma, Maxify, Laser Selphy,etc.) and download the respective drivers. Read quick guide with step by step instructions to setup and install the Canon printer over a Wireless or USB network connection. To get quick and instant support.


Choose Your Canon Printer Model


With great features packed into extremely compact bodies, PIXMA range of home and photo printers offer a high-quality printing key. It takes whole creative control of your images with the PIXMA .Powerful software of this exceptional inkjet printers range is designed for simplify yet dramatic, excellence prints. Its sleek, stylish and compact design really compliments its quality, speed and competence.

The Canon SELPHY is not only good-looking due to its smooth and dramatic design but it delivers amazing printing superiority to meet your needs of printing. Canon Selphy meets all your printing requirements. Dense, stylish and moveable printer with a diversity of print functions and instinctive User-interface guarantees for a fun-filled printing knowledge and outstanding Usability and Intelligent Digitization packed with functions.


The Canon Laser Printers create high-quality graphics and texts. Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing procedure that takes whole care of your images. Therefore built to meet results that you merit. Fast printer with luminous Design meant for New Age Business venture takes whole care of all your printing needs. Canon Laser Printer offers improved Security Solutions with Advanced Personalized Usability


The Canon MAXIFY takes whole imaginative control of your images. It is enthusiastic to Support you by giving high-quality photos and images. This is eventually built to meet your all printing requirements. Maximum Print Speed and Quality Performance of this robust design are sure to increase your business. Purposely built for heavy-duty usage, this dependable printer meets all your printing demands with personalized successful outputs. - Complete Canon com Ijsetup Printer Support for all Printers

We Provide Complete Canon Printer Setup Configuration. Our Service Starts from Ink cartridge Setup, Canon Printer Driver Software Download & Installation. We Support you for ij start canon Setup Network Printer Connection which can be done by either USB or Wireless Connection. If you are facing any Issues with Canon Printer Installation Contact our Printer experts for Troubleshooting. We are here to determination your Issues round the clock.

How to Setup Canon Printer with

Here, we come up with the uncut Canon printer setup layout. We give with printer installation of ink cartridges, software and driver download. We impart for internet setup that can be done using a USB wire or wither wireless. You can contact our technical experts for any issues regarding Canon printer setup and they are here 24 x7 to fix it

Installation and Printer Installation – Select a strategy to recognize your Canon printer model, and then follow the instructions displayed on the screen to open the web page.


Scanning method is used to make a digital duplicate of a document or photo, which can be put aside and then used whenever necessary.


The Copy menu on the printer’s control board enables the clients to choose the number of documents that need to be duplicated on a plain paper.

Wireless Printer

Wireless Printers – Turn On your printer, computer, and the router; make sure that your system is connected with a working remote web connectivity.

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Irritated with your Printer? Our professional or Tech Support team will assist you resolve any problems related to Printer Setup and Configuration. We stand ready to offer you the best suitable solution.

  • We provide support for all types of printers which include Installation, setup, driver downloads and troubleshooting support by our Printer specialists.
  • Our highly skilled Printer Experts will provide you a One-Stop Solution for all of your printer issues.
  • We provide whole setup and installation commands for your Printer strictly assist in configuring your printer over a network and assist you with troubleshooting your printer issues.

First time printer setup by

Step 1 : Canon Printer Unboxing Setup

  • Take the Canon printer from the consignment box and place it on a rigid and flat surface. Remove the packing material from it.
  • The accessories present in the package includes the User physical, Power cord, USB cable, Driver installation CD, and the Ink cartridges.
  • Separate all the tapes and packing materials from the device. The device is crowded to stop the parts of the printer from moving around during the shipping.
  • Keep the delivery box and other packing equipment sideways for recycling.

Step 2 : Connect the power cord

  • Plug in the tiny end of the power cord to the rear of the Canon printer and the other end to the electrical outlet on a wall.
  • Ensure that you connect the power wire frankly to the wall socket without using a electrical energy stabilizer or an extension cord.
  • The device turns on mechanically. Enter the necessary in sequence such as language or interface, area, date and time zone from your printer’s control panel.

Step 3 : How to load paper in Canon printer

  • Pull the canon com ijsetup printer input and output tray. Remove any tapes or packing materials on it.
  • Unlock the input tray and undo the tapes present on the paper-width guides and distance end to end markers.
  • Expand the paper trays to their maximum ability. Take a new package of plain, white paper and load them into the input tray.
  • Slide the markers in such a way that they hold the sheets tight but not too shut. Shut the paper tray formerly you are done.

Step 4 : How to install ink cartridge in Canon printer

  • The Canon printers run on double ink cartridges system. A black and a tri-color cartridge.
  • The trimmings present in the package include the User physical, Power cord, USB wire, Driver installation CD, and the Ink cartridges.
  • Detach the defensive tape present under the ink cartridge that keeps the contact points and print head safe. Put the ink cartridges in their matching slots & lock it in position using the cartridge latch.

Step 5 : Align the ink cartridges for Canon Printer

  • Align the ink cartridges to check it from printing askew documents.
  • Alignment is complete on the scanner. Take away the caring sheet present on the scanner glass.
  • Clean the glass and keep the alignment sheet facing ahead.
  • Confirm that the paper is located as per the alignment markings on the sides of the scanner glass.
  • Select OK and wait for the printer to align itself.

Step 6 : Install the Canon Printer driver software

  • The driver plays a vital role in operating your printer. The main function of the driver is to establish communication between the printer and the computer.
  • Download the driver from the official site . Click on the link, a new window opens. Enter your printer model and select the operating system of your computer.
  • Once downloaded, install the printer software by following the prompts displayed on the screen. select the mode of network connectivity through the installation procedure.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

Canon Printer Software Installation Problem is the Most Common issues that occurred during Printer Setup. Usually driver installation error can be recognized by some error codes. Most of the Errors are caused by using non-compatible and out-of-date Drivers. These errors can be resolved by our Expertise Assistance. Some of the Errors are

Canon Printer driver is unavailable: When you are using out-of-date and non well-matched drivers, these errors will occur. By Downloading right Canon Printer Driver will resolve this error.

Fatal error: This error Occur when there is an Improper or No Communication between the Setup Printer and the Devices. Resolve this issue by following the steps provided by our Printer Professionals.

Printer not found: If this error Occurs add the Canon Printer Manually to the list because the Driver setup wizard may be not capable to select the driver.

During Canon printer setup process, Canon Printers such as Pixma, Maxify, Laser, Selphy printers display error messages such as’ Finish Setup Online’ or’ Online Setup Progress.’

Error messages are caused by the incomplete installation of Canon Instant Ink on your printer.

This results in a breakdown of the printer that can be fixed in the following simple steps.

Error Messages:

Finish Setup online: Take your Smartphone or computer website at and complete the setup process.

Online Setup Progress: This Canon setup Printer Configures the device’s network.

Online Setup Progress: You select to register with Instant Ink. Finish your computer or mobile device registration.